Pet Overpopulation

There are more dogs and cats born than there are people to take care of them. For every one human born, there are seven animals born. There simply aren't enough homes for them all.
You can help solve the problem by having your pet Spayed or Neutered.
If fewer animals are born, fewer will suffer and die.

About Pets

  • Pet Loss Support Group

    For many of us, pets are cherished members of the family. When one is lost we mourn their passing. Some people wish to seek support to help them through this grieving period.
    The Pet Loss Support Group provides a safe and caring environment to help people through this experience.
    When you lose a special friend, we understand your grief.

  • Pet Care

    Naming opportunities are still available in all areas of the Humane Society building.
    Naming opportunities allow individuals or corporations the chance to make a permanent memorial contribution to the Adoption Center.